NBN coming to Robina finally!

If you are anything like me you will have been watching the NBN web site over the last couple of years hoping that one day it would one day give a date for when the NBN will be deployed in Robina. Well, that day has arrived! In the last few months the NBN web site is now showing that parts of the Robina police district will have the NBN early to mid next year (2018).

National Broadband Network company logo.

What is the NBN?
It’s a National Broadband Network that will be the wholesaler of internet services to the entire Australian population. Internet service (Broadband) will be provided to your home over existing copper phone lines, existing cable TV coaxial cable, new optical fibre cabling, fixed wireless or satellite depending on where you live. Large parts of the Robina district were built in the 1990s and there is no cable TV coaxial cable deployed, all we have are the original copper telephone lines that are now giving us broadband via ADSL 1 or ADSL 2.

So What?
It means that the majority of people in Robina will have a better choice of internet speeds. The NBN offers four different speeds: 12 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mpbs and 100 Mbps which compare very favourably to the existing internet services in Robina that typically operate between 8 Mbps and 20 Mbps. Faster speeds than you are currently getting are possible over the existing copper and cable TV lines because the NBN is using newer technology that makes these old cables operate much more effectively. VDSL and DOCSIS 3.1 respectively.

What should I do?
Contact your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) and find out what NBN plans they have. Perhaps it’s time to shop around and look at other ISPs and see if they offer a better deal. After all it’s the same underlying cabling from the NBN that is being resold to you by an ISP.

When do I get it?
To find out when the NBN will be available at your place enter your address into the address checking box on the home page of the NBN and click “Check Home”.

Tell me more.
For a better explanation of what this means for you have a look at this article from the Brisbane Times.

ADSL 1 – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line version 1, up to 8 Mpbs.
ADSL 2 – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line version 2, up to 20 Mpbs.
DOCSIS – Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
NBN – National Broadband Network
Mbps – Megabits (millions of bits) per second, the speed of an internet connection, the more the better.
VDSL – Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line, the next generation on from ADSL.




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